Antique Reproduction Doorknobs and Door Levers from the Victorian, Gothic, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts time periods


We manufacture Victorian brass doorknobs, French lever handlesMission or Craftsman copper door knobs, Art Deco design door knobs, Art Nouveau door hardware, and we also reproduce rare R&E door hardware and rare Windsor door hardware originally produced in the 1880's.

  • Unique reproductions you won't find elsewhere!
  • Solid and durable construction – made to last
  • Most door knobs available in our choice of finish

For every suite of doorknobs, we also sell the matching  vintage doorplates , and accompanying hardware such as antique door bolts, Victorian mortise locks,  electric doorbells  and  twist doorbells . Whether you're peforming a restoration or adding some personality to new construction, we have the complete antique door hardware solution.

Decorative Pocket Door Hardware – Locks, Handles, Pulls and Rollers – Victorian, Eastlake or Arts & Crafts Hardware add classic style.

Pocket Door Hardware 11-59-55

Many older homes from the late 1800's and early 1900's had interior pocket doors, or sliding doors without a typical knob or handle. Instead, these doors were fitted with sunken door handles known as pocket door handles – that allowed for the door to slide away into the wall. Here is a small selection of our ornate Victorian, Art and Crafts, Eastlake and Windsor pocket or sliding door pulls, locks, handles and rollers, lifters. The brass pocket door handles and locks are available in most of our finishes. 

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Authentic Victorian Style Transom Window Hardware — Pivot hinge, operator and spring latch or lock

blog Transom window hardware

Swing into style with our authentic Victorian style transom window operator, spring loaded pull latches and pivot hinges.

Made of solid brass and steel springs our hardware faithfully reproduces the look, feel, and quality of the Victorian age.

To assure the highest level of detail we use the "lost wax" casting process and molds taken directly from the antique originals.

Our operators will work for transom windows in any of four configurations. Center pivot window with either the top or bottom swinging in and bottom and top hinged windows with the opposite top or bottom swinging in. Available in lengths up to 8' to reach even the highest transom windows.

Our pull ring spring latches (designed to be operated from floor level by a chain, cord or rod with hook) are available in both the top ring and end (or side) ring configuration to maintain historical accuracy when needed. Or go with the extra fancy decorative Windsor pattern latch  with it's beautiful details.

We also carry several types of casement locks and stays which were frequently used  when transom style windows were located within reach.

Decorative Brass Victorian Light switch and Outlet cover plates

Light switch covers, or switchplate covers as they are sometimes called, serve both a practical and an aesthetic function in every home. If you want something else than ordinary plastic switch plates – brass or copper outlet covers is the way to go. These vintage looking switch covers are accurate recreations of Victorian, Art Deco, or Arts & Crafts / Mission style covers that were manufactured in the beginning of the 20th century.

The Art Deco and Victorian covers are made from solid, cast brass (unlike the cheaper-made, poor quality stamped brass you will find in big box stores). Hammered copper is used in the Mission, Craftsman, and Arts & Crafts style switch plate and outlet covers.

All the covers come in various functions, such as cover plates for outlets, GFI plates, phone cord outlet, push button switches, multi-socket outputs, and combo lightswitch/outlet.

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Victorian Door Hardware, Security Door Bolts, and Antique Pattern Hinges

In this new video, we showcase some of our Victorian style door security bolts, antique pattern hinges, and lost wax cast door hardware.

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All of our recreated period home door hardware has been made to last from solid, yet detailed cast brass. Styles range from Windsor, Gothic, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, and more. Vintage door bolts are sold in several configurations and lengths. Get one or two matching door bolts for single or double doors. Privacy latches and bathroom locks with ornate patterns really help to give your home a flair of style.

Vintage and Victorian Solid Brass and Cast Iron Shelves and Shelf Brackets

With the onset of the industrial revolution, more and more upper class homes and buildings started to include more ornate decorations – including Victorian style wall sconces and ceiling lights, as well as decorative hardware like door handles, knobs, and switch plates. Victorian designs influenced both interior and exterior parts of many homes – down to every detail. Brass and cast iron were popular materials in use at the time, and Victorian shelf brackets and shelves were no exception to this.

Brass shelf brackets from this era are often found with intricate or floral patterns – or figural motifs representing mythical figures. The vintage brass and iron shelf brackets shown below are just some of the examples of these designs.

Recreated from actual originals – these shelf brackets have been authentically recreated, and cast from iron or solid brass to mimic both the look, weight, and feel of the shelves that could be seen in almost any Victorian home before and around the turn of the century.

See even more vintage shelf brackets here, or check our other Victorian hardware items here.

Vintage Reproduction Antique Style Security Grilles, Speakeasies, and Doorknockers


An impressive entry starts at the front door. Solid brass knockers or iron door knockers have a strong, deep tone that is easy for most people to hear throughout the house. Our vintage reproduction door knockers are recast from antique originals, including the famous MGM Lion doorknocker. If your door is almost all glass, we have narrow brass door knockers, or any knocker may be mounted on the home's siding instead of directly on the door.

Consider adding a doorknocker with personality to private interior doors such as an

at home office, library or wine cellar. Both door knockers and security grilles, known as "speakeasies", are usually lost wax cast, to maintain the details in the original

design. Whether your entry is Mission, Arts & Crafts, Victorian, French Revival, or Colonial, we have a wide variety of vintage style doorknockers from which to choose


The ancient symbol of victory, memory, and safety, the wreath has been used throughout history. Bring out the detail of this lovely wreath doorknocker with one ofour high/lo antique brass finishes.

How do you get a more impressive lion door knocker than this?? You don't!! This one is always a hit in our showroom.

Provenance: MGM Studios, in Hollywood, had an auction of props. One prop was the original antique sample of this fine MGM lion brass doorknocker which we won at auction, and obtained the right to reproduce. Reproduced using Lost Wax Casting right down to the MGM property label affixed to the top (not visible after installation-unless-youuse a ladder to stand above it). Awesome!

 Fantastic very large, Lost Wax cast solid brass, Arts & Crafts Picket style door knocker. More like a battering ram than a door knocker…but for great impressions–this is it ! Light weight doors beware. Darkened and lacquered to maintain its patina. Perfect for an arts and crafts style home, simply Fantastic!


There is not much more of a Victorian motif than the Grape & Leaf pattern. We bought the original sample at auction and the bidding was fierce. Perhaps the competition was from a few vineyards CA is becoming famous for. Grape & Leaf pattern doorknocker is beautifully detailed.

The famous "Cutty Sark" 3D doorknocker. 3D? This piece can only be cast in Lost Wax, and in one piece, due to the projecting spinnaker-type sails. The detail of the ropes, sails, and the sea is wonderful. The best ship doorknocker available.

The legend below the ship is perfectly legible. It says "CUTTY SARK. One ship drives east and another drives west, with the self same winds that blow. Tis the set of the sails and not the gales which tell us the way to go."

 Visitors to our showroom are always impressed with the weight of this classy hand door knocker. Solid, not hollow brass hand makes a great quality statement. Lost wax cast to capture the details of our antique original. Striking anvil provided, plus all mounting hardware 

                        Vintage Speakeasies, security grilles, or peep holes

  Arts and crafts style Door grille viewer with inside door opening to see clearly without opening the door. Very neat and useful size.. This style works well with all types of home, including Arts & Crafts, Mission, Art Deco, and Bungalow. Clean, symmetrical lines with a minimum of space needed.

Handsome Lost Wax cast, deco grill and knocker set. VeryDeco. Since we have been making these, we have had a couple of customers call these "speak easy" doorknockers.

 Perhaps a few more of these would be sold if the Prohibition was brought back. I promise that putting one of these on your front door will NOT result in lines of people knocking at your door and whispering: "Joe sent me." However, you might keep a beer or a cool lemonade ready anyway–for friends who stop by, just to admire it.

If you've chosen the chrome Art Deco look, this set is also offered in nickel plated brass, and you must see our matching deco doorplates and deco doorknobs for an all over deco experience.

Here's an elegant security system. See who is at the door and speak with them without ever unlocking or opening the door. Lost-Wax cast solid brass, for excellence in detail, this Victorian style speakeasy has a slot at the top for a nameplate.

Any one of our fine doorknockers and speakeasy's can be custom finished to your choice of Oil Rubbed Bronze, Pewter, Antique Brass. You can also choose to leave it unlacquered polished brass so that it can naturally age, or get it lacquered to keep its high polish. All of our finishes are hand applied.

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Vintage Antique Roll Top Desk Hardware and Filing Cabinet Hardware


Antique restoration is as popular today as it was 100 years ago. The wood of a beautiful oak filing cabinet, a solid roll top desk, and sturdy wood cabinetry never goes out of style, but finding period roll top desk hardware can be challenging.

If you are restoring a vintage cabinet, roll top desk, antique filing cabinet or you are trying to find vintage style hardware which can be used during the construction of a cabinet that will allow it to take on a vintage or antique appearance, the Vintage Hardware website has an extensive range of reproduced cabinet hardware in Victorian, Edwardian, Arts & Crafts, Mission, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco styles.

We offer vintage cabinet hardware , roll top desk hardware and filing cabinet hardware that is not usually found in regular hardware stores or in retail stores. The vintage file cabinet hardware which is found on our site includes the elegant brass label holders and these may be obtained in varying sizes and shapes. These are ideal for a cabinet builder, restorer or for use in a new reproduction of an antique filing cabinet.

Many people own antique roll top desks, but are missing the original locks or have locks that are old and rusted. Maybe you’re missing the original skeleton key ? Well Vintage Hardware can help you out. We reproduce high quality reproduction roll top desk hardware . Whether you’re looking for roll top desk locks , skeleton keys , or desk handles , we’ve got it. Our high quality brass costs a little more because we cast, not stamp,  the brass, casting from high end genuine antique hardware .


Our high quality roll top desk lock set , includes the lock, a catch plate, two skeleton keys, and a faceplate with keyhole cover. Choose from a desk lock set , catch plate with oval corners or

desk lock set , catch plate with standard corners.


We also sell just the roll top desk lock , this gives you the option of customizing the look you want to achieve for you roll top desk We have hundreds of keyhole covers , desk handles , and desk knobs , so you can match existing hardware or create your own unique look.



Does your roll top desk or filing cabinet have those hard to find antique label frames that are missing or damaged? Well look no further because like a lot of items that we remake we also make label frames , for antique filing cabinets and desks. We offer these useful little items in several different sizes and with or with out pull tabs.




All of our hardware is available in hand applied hardware finishes , including, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, and pewter. A favorite finish is the hi-lo finish where the brass is left darker in the crevasse and lighter on the high spots, as natural wear would look.

While going through the choice of vintage cabinet hardware , be sure to view our impressive antique lighting and vintage lighting , and the home hardware , for doors, windows, and shutters, as well as stair hardware and floor registers and grills .

Vintage Brass & Iron Floor or Ceiling Grates & Wall Registers & Grilles


A lot of home owners are looking for authentic style brass floor grilles and registers . There’s worry about high traffic areas and damp areas that regular floor grilles won’t last long. What if they rust? Well there is no worry with our high quality brass, not only are they dependable and durable, they are also very eye pleasing over regular steel, aluminum or tin floor grilles. A lot of boat owner’s use these grilles on their boats because brass is very weather resistant, even in salty air places.


If you're going to the time and expense of being respectful to history, make sure your brass floor and wall registers  look authentic. Look for a highly experienced company with which to do business. 
Vintage Hardware  makes solid heavy cast brass grilles or iron grates , in a huge assortment of sizes for every purpose. Most sizes are available with or without a damper. Be assured that you are buying the best quality floor and wall grilles  available in America today. They are suitable for use on ceilings as well as floors.
No one polishes brass better than we do, because no one else bought an 80 Horsepower auto-buffing machine to buff grates but us. Competitors either hand polish with resulting "wavy" finish or sand blast their finish and call it "matte". You can pay more for other sources' brass grilles , but you cannot buy a better quality than ours.

Our reproduction floor and wall registers, are divided by material, brass and iron and whether you desire damper controls or no damper. We have a variety of sizes available, but if you have an irregular size, and have a sample of exactly what you want, we can duplicate it for you. It requires patience, and understanding that special size orders can be pricey. How ever be assured that you are buying the best quality grilles in America.

See our reproduction brass wall or  floor registers  without damper controls and our reproduction brass wall or floor registers  with damper controls and our Quality cast Iron wall or floor registers with damper controls and cast Iron wall or floor registers without damper controls.

When it comes to floor grate , they do not come more attractive than this!! Supplied complete with cast iron damper, it is a superb restoration item. The detail of the pattern could only be reproduced nicely by Lost Wax casting, and while this makes this grate pricey, we know it is the most beautiful on the market – anywhere. Consider it also as an air intake for your elegant ceiling.

True reproduction Victorian Brick foundation grates, available in either solid brass or solid iron. We located very scarce and hard to find old samples to recast this one. Could be used elsewhere, too. Not for floors…but nicely used in walls & ceilings.

Magnificent! Now there's a word that we don't often use…but in this case, it is fully justified. Lost Wax cast for perfect detail. This arched wall grate can be part of your air system, because the cast iron functional damper is included, and because we make a galvanized boot with a 4"side outlet that goes below floor. You can retro fit this grille, damper and boot combination into any wall, between studs, and pick up the 4" duct below floor with a duct system. Grate and damper are a set-order boot separately.

Made to fit into a 6" or 8" round hole or duct, these round wall or floor  grates have an exterior diameter of approximately 1" greater than their boot size. The damper is made from finely cast iron with a Lost Wax Cast brass operator. You won’t find better anywhere, at any price.

Another large item – What a beauty. This wall or floor grate is perfect for those large return air applications. Fits a 16 1/2" by 25" boot (opening hole) and has an overall size of 18" x 26 1/2". Weighs about 40 pounds! Available in either a polished, unlacquered brass, or a darkened "antique" finish to blend with older period homes.

We also offer grille boots to go with some of our special size grilles. Sold separate from the grille, for our customers who are doing renovations and may not need both.

See all of our quality cast brass and iron floor and wall registers and all of our size and damper options at

Reproduction Mechanical Doorbells and Vintage Pushbutton Doorbells

Door Bells and knockers are most likely as old as doors themselves. First we will be discussing mechanical doorbells  prior to the use of electricity and then electric pushbutton doorbells . Here at Vintage Hardware we eventually settled on two styles of mechanical doorbells . During the industrial revolutions, prices for Doorbells became reasonable for the average home owner.

 Now most people, perhaps even you, don’t pay much attention to this once highly sought out innovation. Although we have electric door bells today, one of the most favored is the mechanical doorbell . Be it twist or lever, these bells have always held a soft spot, reminding you of the one your parents had one their house while you were growing up, or the one on grandmas front door.

We carry two standard vintage reproduction mechanical doorbell types: the twist-handle doorbell style, and the push-lever doorbell style . The turning handle creates a bicycle-like bell, and the push-lever doorbell makes a single strong "ship's bell" per push.

 In the Victorian era the more ornate and decorated your doorbell was the higher status you most likely held. Victorians often used an ornate bell on the front door for guests, and a simpler, different sounding bell on the back door, for deliveries.

Our Victorian pattern twist handle doorbell is lost wax cast in solid brass, the same method used in jewelry making. This bell is high quality and will last generations.  It's available in a polished brass or several antiqued finishes. This Mechanical Twist bell is beautifully detailed with a high clarity Victorian pattern. This piece goes on the inside of the door, while a separate twist bell operator goes on the exterior of the door. The decorative nature of the inside bell makes it as beautiful as fine art or ”house jewelry.”

The doorbell operator that activates this bell is sold separately, in case you may have an original twist operator and to provide a wider selection of operator styles. If you would like a reproduction twist doorbell operator , we have four different styles, depending on your taste from very simple to very ornate.

This is a Victorian style design doorbell operator with the word "TURN" at the top. A reminder of when this was new technology and your guest might need instructions to operate it!

This is a simple yet elegant twist bell operator with a nice scroll decor. The photo is looking side-on at the twist lever, which is a rectangle of brass whose surface has the scroll design.

This exterior Rococo mechanical twist doorbell operator has a circular back plate and is highly detailed. It coordinates with a full line of rococo style door hardware that we offer.

This twist bell turn operator was originally made by Sargent, circa 1900. It has an eye pleasing ornate rococo pattern. The Sargent Company used this with just about everything because of its universal like ability for every available application, from window hardware  and door hardware to pocket door hardware and stair hardware .

This is a lever operated door bell  from early America, which pre-dates the similar-looking twist door bell. This mechanical lever bell has an Eastlake pattern, highly detailed. This lever bell can be mounting directly for through-door working, or used with a chain for offset mounting. The bell is mounted on the interior side of a door, and is then activated by a lever handle on the outside of the door.

The matchinglever doorbell handles to activate this bell are sold separately, in case you may already have an original lever handle. See our matching reproduction lever doorbell handles that would be mounted on the outside of the door in this section of our website.

 This is a lost wax cast Aesthetic Movement style palm-press bell operator  or lever bell operator . This little jewel would impress your guests as they approach your entry.

This Eastlake lever doorbell operator would be mounted on the outside of a door, and when pushed down, would operate the mechanical doorbell on the inside of the door. This lever operator will work with antique doorbell mechanisms, or with our matching reproduction.

This is a lost wax cast, solid brass, Eastlake style bell operator .This is a lost wax cast Aesthetic Movement palm-press bell operator. Toward the end of the Victorian era, an aesthetic movement dictated that everyday items should be beautiful and inspiring as well as utilitarian. You’ll enjoy an unusual door bell every time you approach your entry. This operator would be mounted on the outside of a door, and when pulled down, would operate the mechanical doorbell on the inside of the door. This lever operator will work with antique doorbell mechanisms , or with our matching reproduction.
This mechanical doorbell lever  was originally produced by Russell & Erwin , and features their popular doggy motif. This lever has been precision lost wax cast in solid brass from an antique original. The operator handle is a dog's head that holds a stylized bone. Two profile pictures of dogs are on either side of the handle, and one larger full-faced dog is surmounted on the top of the backplate.
The original antique sample was found after more than a year of searching and this lever is considered to be the rarest lever bell operator in existence. The finish is antiqued to mellow brown with brass highlights and then lacquered. We stamp our factory initials on the back so it cannot be sold as an original, highly valuable antique.

This Eastlake Windsor Pattern lever door bell is completely lost wax cast (same method as fine jewelry-making). This bell is mounted on the interior side of a door, and is then activated by a lever handle on the outside of the door. Standard finish is the hi-lo brass finish, or darker oil rubbed bronze finish is available.

This is an Eastlake style, Windsor pattern doorbell operator . This operator would be mounted on the outside of a door, and when pulled down, would operate the mechanical doorbell on the inside of the door. This lever operator will work with antique doorbell mechanisms, or with our matching reproduction eastlake doorbellSince Eastlake was a supporter of the Arts & Crafts movement, this lever would be excellent for your Arts and Crafts renovation or new construction. Like all the Windsor pattern products, it represents the very best that could be ordered at the time of its original manufacture, the mid 1880's.

The electric doorbell was invented by Joseph Henry in 1831. Between then and now they have changed from elegant entry statements to boring nessecities, but not at Vintage Hardware.

Vintage Hardware & Lighting carries not only brass vintage reproduction electric doorbells , but we also produce Arts & Crafts copper doorbells , and Art Deco Bakelite doorbells . Whether you need a petite doorbell because your door is mostly glass, a contemporary nickel doorbell , or you need a grand statement at your entry, the doorbell introduces visitors to your home. Make it a memorable introduction!  Lose the plastic or plain imitation brass doorbell, and select a doorbell to be proud of. Our pushbuttons are genuine porcelain or bakelite, which ever was used in the original design.

Almost the size of a "gold brick", this is an impressive pushbutton doorbell for your entry. The top features delicate scrollwork and the sides are simple stripes. It's a reproduction of one of the very first electric door bells , made during the mid Victorian era. The complete mechanism in Victorian times was in the case. Now it is a pushbutton that you wire to your modern system.

 Set the Art Deco mood right at your entry with this fabulous winged style electric doorbell. This style doorbell is very popular and goes right along with out Art Deco door hardware .

This is rare reproduction of an early lion pushbutton doorbell . We have fabricated the historically-correct bakelite interior and pushbutton to be accurate. Mounts by screwing the backplate to the wall, then screwing the head onto the backplate so that no screws are seen. The finish has been darkened, then highlighted to bring out the detail.

This is one of the nicest lost wax cast Victorian Neo-rococo style pushbutton doorbells . Cast of solid brass, it will last for many generations. Choose the finish that will go with your Victorian, French Revival, or Rococo entry.

Remember that all of our electric pushbuttons doorbells  can be ordered in an antique brass finish to blend with older homes existing hardware, a soft pewter tone, our popular oil rubbed bronze and many are available in a nickel finish.

See all of our reproduction Mechanical door bells and Pushbutton door bells at