Reproduction Mechanical Doorbells and Vintage Pushbutton Doorbells

Door Bells and knockers are most likely as old as doors themselves. First we will be discussing mechanical doorbells  prior to the use of electricity and then electric pushbutton doorbells . Here at Vintage Hardware we eventually settled on two styles of mechanical doorbells . During the industrial revolutions, prices for Doorbells became reasonable for the average home owner.

 Now most people, perhaps even you, don’t pay much attention to this once highly sought out innovation. Although we have electric door bells today, one of the most favored is the mechanical doorbell . Be it twist or lever, these bells have always held a soft spot, reminding you of the one your parents had one their house while you were growing up, or the one on grandmas front door.

We carry two standard vintage reproduction mechanical doorbell types: the twist-handle doorbell style, and the push-lever doorbell style . The turning handle creates a bicycle-like bell, and the push-lever doorbell makes a single strong "ship's bell" per push.

 In the Victorian era the more ornate and decorated your doorbell was the higher status you most likely held. Victorians often used an ornate bell on the front door for guests, and a simpler, different sounding bell on the back door, for deliveries.

Our Victorian pattern twist handle doorbell is lost wax cast in solid brass, the same method used in jewelry making. This bell is high quality and will last generations.  It's available in a polished brass or several antiqued finishes. This Mechanical Twist bell is beautifully detailed with a high clarity Victorian pattern. This piece goes on the inside of the door, while a separate twist bell operator goes on the exterior of the door. The decorative nature of the inside bell makes it as beautiful as fine art or ”house jewelry.”

The doorbell operator that activates this bell is sold separately, in case you may have an original twist operator and to provide a wider selection of operator styles. If you would like a reproduction twist doorbell operator , we have four different styles, depending on your taste from very simple to very ornate.

This is a Victorian style design doorbell operator with the word "TURN" at the top. A reminder of when this was new technology and your guest might need instructions to operate it!

This is a simple yet elegant twist bell operator with a nice scroll decor. The photo is looking side-on at the twist lever, which is a rectangle of brass whose surface has the scroll design.

This exterior Rococo mechanical twist doorbell operator has a circular back plate and is highly detailed. It coordinates with a full line of rococo style door hardware that we offer.

This twist bell turn operator was originally made by Sargent, circa 1900. It has an eye pleasing ornate rococo pattern. The Sargent Company used this with just about everything because of its universal like ability for every available application, from window hardware  and door hardware to pocket door hardware and stair hardware .

This is a lever operated door bell  from early America, which pre-dates the similar-looking twist door bell. This mechanical lever bell has an Eastlake pattern, highly detailed. This lever bell can be mounting directly for through-door working, or used with a chain for offset mounting. The bell is mounted on the interior side of a door, and is then activated by a lever handle on the outside of the door.

The matchinglever doorbell handles to activate this bell are sold separately, in case you may already have an original lever handle. See our matching reproduction lever doorbell handles that would be mounted on the outside of the door in this section of our website.

 This is a lost wax cast Aesthetic Movement style palm-press bell operator  or lever bell operator . This little jewel would impress your guests as they approach your entry.

This Eastlake lever doorbell operator would be mounted on the outside of a door, and when pushed down, would operate the mechanical doorbell on the inside of the door. This lever operator will work with antique doorbell mechanisms, or with our matching reproduction.

This is a lost wax cast, solid brass, Eastlake style bell operator .This is a lost wax cast Aesthetic Movement palm-press bell operator. Toward the end of the Victorian era, an aesthetic movement dictated that everyday items should be beautiful and inspiring as well as utilitarian. You’ll enjoy an unusual door bell every time you approach your entry. This operator would be mounted on the outside of a door, and when pulled down, would operate the mechanical doorbell on the inside of the door. This lever operator will work with antique doorbell mechanisms , or with our matching reproduction.
This mechanical doorbell lever  was originally produced by Russell & Erwin , and features their popular doggy motif. This lever has been precision lost wax cast in solid brass from an antique original. The operator handle is a dog's head that holds a stylized bone. Two profile pictures of dogs are on either side of the handle, and one larger full-faced dog is surmounted on the top of the backplate.
The original antique sample was found after more than a year of searching and this lever is considered to be the rarest lever bell operator in existence. The finish is antiqued to mellow brown with brass highlights and then lacquered. We stamp our factory initials on the back so it cannot be sold as an original, highly valuable antique.

This Eastlake Windsor Pattern lever door bell is completely lost wax cast (same method as fine jewelry-making). This bell is mounted on the interior side of a door, and is then activated by a lever handle on the outside of the door. Standard finish is the hi-lo brass finish, or darker oil rubbed bronze finish is available.

This is an Eastlake style, Windsor pattern doorbell operator . This operator would be mounted on the outside of a door, and when pulled down, would operate the mechanical doorbell on the inside of the door. This lever operator will work with antique doorbell mechanisms, or with our matching reproduction eastlake doorbellSince Eastlake was a supporter of the Arts & Crafts movement, this lever would be excellent for your Arts and Crafts renovation or new construction. Like all the Windsor pattern products, it represents the very best that could be ordered at the time of its original manufacture, the mid 1880's.

The electric doorbell was invented by Joseph Henry in 1831. Between then and now they have changed from elegant entry statements to boring nessecities, but not at Vintage Hardware.

Vintage Hardware & Lighting carries not only brass vintage reproduction electric doorbells , but we also produce Arts & Crafts copper doorbells , and Art Deco Bakelite doorbells . Whether you need a petite doorbell because your door is mostly glass, a contemporary nickel doorbell , or you need a grand statement at your entry, the doorbell introduces visitors to your home. Make it a memorable introduction!  Lose the plastic or plain imitation brass doorbell, and select a doorbell to be proud of. Our pushbuttons are genuine porcelain or bakelite, which ever was used in the original design.

Almost the size of a "gold brick", this is an impressive pushbutton doorbell for your entry. The top features delicate scrollwork and the sides are simple stripes. It's a reproduction of one of the very first electric door bells , made during the mid Victorian era. The complete mechanism in Victorian times was in the case. Now it is a pushbutton that you wire to your modern system.

 Set the Art Deco mood right at your entry with this fabulous winged style electric doorbell. This style doorbell is very popular and goes right along with out Art Deco door hardware .

This is rare reproduction of an early lion pushbutton doorbell . We have fabricated the historically-correct bakelite interior and pushbutton to be accurate. Mounts by screwing the backplate to the wall, then screwing the head onto the backplate so that no screws are seen. The finish has been darkened, then highlighted to bring out the detail.

This is one of the nicest lost wax cast Victorian Neo-rococo style pushbutton doorbells . Cast of solid brass, it will last for many generations. Choose the finish that will go with your Victorian, French Revival, or Rococo entry.

Remember that all of our electric pushbuttons doorbells  can be ordered in an antique brass finish to blend with older homes existing hardware, a soft pewter tone, our popular oil rubbed bronze and many are available in a nickel finish.

See all of our reproduction Mechanical door bells and Pushbutton door bells at

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