Vintage Antique Reproduction Ice Box Hardware


Ices Boxes became available as early as 1803. The quality of your icebox was an indicator of your economic status, from practical and plain to furniture quality with ornate hardware. An ice box was a common appliance in homes before technology allowed electric refrigerators in homes. Ice boxes were usually made from wood, many were admirable pieces of furniture, with hollow walls made from tin or zinc and lined with insulating materials like, sawdust, cork, and straw. A large block of ice was held in the ice box on a tray and cold air circulated down to the lower storage areas cooling the food.


So are you looking to restore an ice box? Or even make your own? Vintage Hardware and Lighting has reproduced some of the finest ice box hardware available. Choose from plain to fancy style hardware.


Our ice box hardware is cast from the original antiques, in solid brass. We offer several different brass ice box hardware finishes  to complement your existing hardware. Available in polished unlacquered brass to naturally age the brass, an Antique brass finish for that aged brass look with out the wait, our popular Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, Pewter finish for a muted silver look, and nickel plated brass for a "cleaner" modern look.


The White Clad brand was one of the most famous makers of early "ice boxes". We offer replacement White Clad labels in yellow unlacquered brass, hand-patinaed "antique brass", and nickel plated.

These very nice & useful ice box latches, Precision cast and heavily wrought flush latch for meeting flush doors. Works with both left hand and right hand doors. You’ll feel the quality in the weight and smooth operation of these latches for generations. This ice box latch comes in three different sizes.

These ice box hinges have a decorative pattern to complement your furniture. Cast solid brass, available in all our finishes, we also offer a plain ice box hinge for a simpler look. We offer offset ice box hinges as well.

These fancy cast icebox latches are spring loaded and are precision cast, not sand cast, from an original antique. Available for left hand and right hand doors, with matching fancy brass ice box hinge , for any ornamental furniture or cabinetry where an elegant touch is required.Upgrade your plain antique ice box simply by selecting ourornate ice box hardware .

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True Bakelite Hardware and Waterfall Hardware


  The chemistry for a product only made 50-60 years ago is either lost or a trade secret. We had to resurrect the "antique" machinery to make these products.

After three years of research, trial, and error and literally hundreds of pounds of wasted materials, we are please to announce the Bakelite hardware  and Waterfall Furniture Hardware lines.

The Bakelite knobs and handles  are "true" Bakelite . You may think of Bakelite as yellowed or brownish, but ours are pristine Bakelite, in vibrant colors. Choose blood red, mustard yellow, Kelly green, navy blue, or black. These true Bakelites are beautiful on bathroom or kitchen cabinetry as well as furniture.

 This real Bakelite handle with tubular center comes in several vivid colors. The metal ends of the handle sets are die cast zinc and nickel-plated.

This diamond shape real Bakelite knob . Mix and match with our bridge handles and cabinet latches to restore art deco furniture and home cabinetry.

This Bakelite drop has a very striking high-end appearance, the Bakelite drop (1 1/2" long) has a step design with a 1" diameter Bakelite washer.

These have not been offered since 1930! Real Bakelite cupboard latches . To un-hook the cupboard you pull up on the knob. Put the catch on the top of the shelf, or bottom, depending on how you rotate the latch.

Commonly called a "hex knob " for hexagon, these Art Deco design knobs were actually octagonal. These real Bakelite knobs are vivid in color.

 Waterfall hardware plastic is not Bakelite, nor was it ever. It is however the same material as original antique waterfall handles , made the same way as the originals. The plastic portion of the handle is a swirled amber & brown, similar to tortoiseshell.

We make reproduction Waterfall style bin pulls , Waterfall style knobs , Waterfall style handles , Waterfall style fingerpulls and more.

Whether you choose the brass finish or nickel-plated brass (silver) tone, these products will impress you. We do plan to keep production techniques a trade secret!

If you love Art Nouveau through Modernism but haven't found furniture yet, consider adding the Waterfall series to your cabinetry and built-ins.

This Waterfall handle , brass plated with swirl pattern plastic that varies, like tortoiseshell. A classic from Art Nouveau that carried over well into Art Deco. Impressive size and appearance.

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Antique Reproduction Switch Plates and Push Button Plates

One of the first things a visitor sees is your light switch covers next to your entry door. Are your light switch plate covers and outlet covers true to the period of your home? If you're going to the time andexpense of being respectful to history, make sure your antique switch plates and antique wall covers look authentic. It’s never too late to invest in quality brass switch plate covers and outlet coversVintage Hardware & Lighting makes over 100 wall cover plates to suit every period home switch plate need. 

We make Victorian switch cover plates ; Arts & Crafts switch plate covers , Mission switch plate covers , and Art Deco switch cover plates . We also make blank wall outlet covers in many sizes of brass, oil rubbed bronze, ni

ckel, and copper. We also sell push button light switches for your period home 1890-1944. We make push button light switch covers in all our antique switch plate cover styles. 


We have genuine copper Arts & Crafts decorative switch plate covers . Our decorative Mission wall plates are hand hammered switch cover plates from thick sheet copper. It’s part of your decor that will be used every day.


Vintage Hardware & Lighting carries three authentic Arts & Crafts wall plate patterns : the  Arts & Crafts Field Pattern switch plate covers , Arts & Crafts Pacific pattern switch plate covers , and a series of plain copper wall switch plates without a pattern. In all, we make 63 options of hand hammered copper vintage electrical light switch plates. All of our vintage style copper wall plates are finished in an aged copper patina. Mission decor hardware blends well with copper outlet and switch covers.


There is a dedication and attention to detail that is difficult to replicate, if creating Victorian switch plate covers and Victorian decorative wall plates . Vintage Hardware & Lighting uses a heavy weight brass precision metal and graphite die casting for its Victorian antique outlet covers, and has copyrighted the design.


Choose a company that gives you options within the one particular era of antique switch plate covers that you're most interested in. We can meet all of your vintage reproduction wall plate needs. We also make wall plate blanks, from one toggle switch to quad toggle switch size, for custom wall switch plate applications.


For the Art Deco period 1920-1944, we offer Art Deco switch plate covers for Art Deco single toggle switches , up to Art Deco triple light switches , and a wide variety of Art Deco GFI switch plates and Art Deco outlet covers .  


This Windsor decorative floor outlet electrical cover is one of the nicest and highest quality electrical floor box covers ever made, inspired by the Windsor high end home hardware  line. Made of solid brass and machine tool finished, this very attractive cover was specially made for a Victorian building which would only accept the best. Copyright Design by Vintage Hardware , this is truly a eye catcher decorative element for all outstanding construction projects.


We've had clients place these in high-end countertops in kitchens, as well as in a wainscoted wall. Blends beautifully into a Victorian or Edwardian carpet design, too. Windsor Hardware was popular in 1885, at the start of theArts & Crafts movement, and this coverplate looks terrific in a Mission or Arts & Crafts , prairie style, or bungalow wooden floor, too.

Look for a company like Vintage Hardware that takes its job seriously and pays attention to the details in restoration hardware. In fact, our reproduction brass switch plate hardware is of such high quality and so authentic that we've sold antique reproduction hardware for many movie studios and television studio productions.


Your vintage electrical light switch covers  are the jewel of your home, and should last for many generations. Finding the right reproduction decorative vintage switch plates can make all the difference. Sometimes it's the little things that can really make a room look and feel like a historical restoration.

Vintage Antique Reproduction Pocket Door Hardware

Vintage Hardware & Lighting manufactures pocket door hardware for single pocket doors or double pocket doors. Look for  Victorian , Windsor , Roanoke , Arts & Crafts , and plain designs to suit every style decor. We have reproduced many historically significant pieces for your accurate restoration projects, including R&E and Eastlake pocket door handles.

Designed more than one hundred years ago as space savers, pocket doors became very popular in the Victorian style homes of the late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds. Used primarily as entrances to stately libraries, elaborate dining areas, or even a basic sitting room. Most guests in homes in that era never made it past the first parlor, maybe even lucky enough to reach the second parlor. People were very private and did not want their affairs easily overheard.These room dividers continued to increase in popularity until seemingly dropping completely from the architects planning boards.

Much speculation surrounds the disappearance of the pocket door at that time, there are several factors involved. Most of the hardware manufactures producing pocket door hardware went out of business, and most likely the end of pocket door use came down to the quality of hardware available. Home owners were tired of tired of creaking, jamming in the walls, and doors coming off the tracks, as their home hardware aged. We reproduce only the best antique pocket door hardware available in the last 100 years. 

The Arts & Crafts Movement was the artisans' response to the Industrial Revolution. They encouraged customers to buy handmade goods, produced using local materials. Also known as Craftsman style, Gustav Stickley and the company that bore his name are credited for putting Arts & Crafts into the American culture.

These lost wax cast Arts and Crafts pocket door handles are originally circa 1920, available with or without a keyhole. Solid brass, copper coated and darkened.

See our full line of reproduced Arts and Crafts style hardware and Arts and Crafts style lighting .

PF Corbin was a high end manufacturer during the Victorian era. His name assured quality, so as with many fine products, he had many imitators. One of his most popular and highly detailed patterns was "Roanoke ". Our reproduction is taken from a quality original antique.

This is the small Roanoke pocket door handle with a keyhole. If you are thinking outside the box, a small handle like this works well on sliding door furniture, such as a credenza, that you would like to lock. We also offer this Roanoke pocket door handle without a keyhole .

The Roanoke pattern was so popular that it had its imitators. While these plates are very pretty, and matching to Roanoke, they were not made by Corbin but by a competitor. Competitors walked a fine line to not infringe on Corbin's design patent. At first glance, who could tell? And across the room from each other – impossible.
Victorians could use the high end products in public parlors and dining rooms, and the less costly hardware in their private rooms.

We made these imitation Roanoke pocket door handles because they were complementary and were larger pocket door plates. The imitation Roanoke pocket door handle with out a keyhole could also be used as a large sash lift. Choose from solid un-lacquered brass, or one of our custom applied finishes.

Eastlake was a British architect and furniture designer. Trained by the architect Philip Hardwick, he popularized William Morris's notions of decorative arts in the Arts and Crafts style, becoming one of the principal exponents of the revived "Early English" or "Modern Gothic Style" popular in Victorian architecture. Eastlake was a supporter of the Arts & Crafts Movement, believing in local craftsmanship and materials. His shallow, simple lines of decoration were intended to make cleaning easier. These Solid lost wax cast brass Eastlake pocket door handles match our eastlake style hardware , and add a lovely detail to your doors. These pocket door handles are marvelous quality, with fine detail that comes from a lovely antique original. Available with or with out keyholes.

Reading Hardware Company introduced a popular pattern circa 1885, called Windsor . It is very attractive antique home hardware , and many items were made to match. We present re-creations, lost wax cast from antiques that have been collected over many years. Our Windsor home hardware items are all "high end" quality brass and workmanship. You'll be amazed at the weight and detail when you see your order in person. This Windsor pattern pocket door handle is solid cast brass, and
available in the darkened "antique" finish, and in the nickel plated
brass finish, also available without a key hole.

R & E stands for Russell & Erwin . Before 1870, American door hardware was rather mundane. Our line of R&E hardware is carefully reproduced by 14 skilled bronze and jewelry craftsmen. These beautiful items are Lost Wax cast in Silicon Bronze, specially treated to resemble old patina hardware, then hand waxed. These reproductions are so fine they have fooled historical societies, so we protect genuine antiques by marking ours with an "A". Every item here is taken from an original antique sample, complete in every detail.

This gorgeous R & E pocket door plate , has often been claimed to be the most outstanding pocket
door handle that have ever been produced.


These simple Fine, heavily wrought, not stamped, recessed plain pocket door handles. Although the Victorians would use fancy handles in the rooms that the public visited, like the parlor and dining room, this would have been used in the private rooms. Also a frequent choice for cottages, farmhouse, and arts & crafts bungalows. This style is popular with mid-century modern restorations also. We also make a mortised pocket door pull for easy movement of the door when fully pushed back into the wall.
Available in nickel plated brass, for a "cleaner" modern look.

Where else would you find vintage style pocket door locks for both single and double pocket doors ? Vintage Hardware & Lighting strives to be your one-stop restoration hardware specialist. Today's home builders are rediscovering the efficiency of hidden doors and recessed doors . Pocket doors require less square footage to operate, increasing your usable space. 
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Antique Reproduction Furniture Brass Toe Caps and Casters

Looking for the replacement brass casters or caster cups without wheels for that special piece of furniture that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else?

Vintage Hardware Lighting  recasts most of the popular styles and sizes of chair caster and chair terminal , table leg caster and table leg terminal , and even a rubber wheel tea trolley caster . Our wheel casters include brass, porcelain, and wooden wheel casters .

Our selection of casters and toe caps come in a solid brass that is also offered in a few different finishes, antique brass finish, oil rubbed bronze finish, and pewter finish, some available in nickel plated brass.
Many of our casters will snap into the old sleeves left in old furniture.

These solid brass furniture toe caps protect your furniture from damage. They come in a selection of different sizes, and since they are sand cast there are "slight" variations from each casting. Casting creates a thicker metal cup as opposed to stamped brass.
  Moving furniture on carpet requires a hard wheel in order to smoothly roll; our porcelain casters and brass casters  work great and allow your furniture to glide across the floor for easy moving.

Antique Casters Weren't really made for "Big" moves; they were mainly for moving a few feet here and there for cleaning and to hold wooden legs up off the floor to keep them from rotting when water was left after mopping. Our porcelain and brass casters work well on wood floors, but again are not meant for frequent moves.
Both of our wooden wheel casters (C-4  & C-4A ) are identical to most used circa 1900. Wooded wheel casters weren't big in
America during that time, and were rarely seen on furniture aside from British imports. They were mainly used in Europe. These wooden wheel casters come complete with steel sleeve but many times these  casters will snap into the old sleeves still in old furniture.

Pictured is our popular rubber wheel caster , made for small table and tea trolleys, because the size of the wheel is so large, it smoothly glides over the floor. With soft rubber wheels there's no worry about scratching your fine hard wood floors.

vintage Hardware also reproduces brass toe caps and  brass cup casters , finer  casters cannot be found. Carefully sand cast with precision cores and finished through 5 processes. Internal measurements for the toe cap casters can very slightly due to the nature of sand casting. Solid, high polish brass finish or an antique finish to blend with older existing hardware.

Our Cup Casters  are available in round and square fittings and come in different sizes. These style casters are useful when it comes to installation.   Just pop them on with out the worry of drilling out holes or damaging or cracking the legs.

Big and beautiful, this large reproduction claw toe cap uses a 3" solid GLASS ball–unlike  cheap copies elsewhere that use a plastic ball. Glass ball has bubbles and swirls because it is hand poured just like the antique ones. Made for decoration, this toe cap is grand and really puts that extra detail into any piece of furniture.

This small antique reproduction claw toe cup , with real glass ball insert, tapered leg terminal  is available in two sizes and adorned with a mythological face, great for table legs and side tables. Like most of our brass antique reproduction hardware, the smaller claw toe cap can be ordered in an antique brass finish to blend with older existing furniture hardware

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Vintage Reproduction Transom Window Operator and Window Hardware

    In the past, attempting to find transom victorian window hardware could be compared to trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack, but since Vintage Hardware is a leading reproducer and supplier of transom window hardware , those who are engaged in a building or room restoration project will find that our extensive collection of hardware will more than meet their design and restoration needs.

The Victorian reproduction transom window hardware is available for purchase on our website and this exquisite transom window hardware has been manufactured by Lost Wax casting, which is the same method that is used to create jewelry. Once cast in solid brass, the transom window hardware is either polished to a high shine, or given an antique brass finish, which allows the window hardware to take on its antique appearance.

This unusual transom window hardware  will last for years and it will allow any decorating project to be a success.

Another item found under the transom window hardware category is the transom window operator which is offered in a choice of finishes. The operator is made using Lost Wax casting and the transom window hardware  is also offered in a superior quality nickel plated brass finish. The window arm of the operator actually mounts to the window and the operator has five varying settings, each of which can be adjusted to suit the buyer.

Vintage Hardware reproduces the featured transom window hardware by recasting from original antiques, and in addition to the window hardware , they have developed and designed many other reproductions from other popular eras, such as the Victorian, Rococo, Art Deco, Mission, Arts & Crafts, and Bungalow eras. The Vintage Hardware website was designed for easy use and trouble-free online shopping. Those looking to purchase any of the transom window hardware choices can utilize the website for this purpose.

For the restorer, our website offers an assortment of home hardware and furniture hardware  choices, and in addition to the transom window hardware , online vintage and decorative hardware shoppers will be more than impressed by our extensive range which is made up of door hardwaredoors  and moldings , kitchen and bathroom hardware , window sash lifts , window locks and even ice box hardware , and trunk hardware .
We also offer Quality solid Bronze screening  is the best for restorations. Bronze endures and adds sophistication to screen doors and & windows. Our solid bronze screen is sold by the linear foot, and sizes range from 24" to 48" wide.

Whether the transom window hardware is used for a property restoration or used simply for its vintage appeal, buyers will be won over by the exceptional craftsmanship and the top quality materials which are used during manufacture of the vintage transom window hardware .

Visit our website, to view our full selection of vintage and antique hardware choices not commonly found in traditional hardware stores. Vintage Hardware is a manufacturer of reproduced decorative hardware and vintage lighting fixtures which have been used in many home restoration projects as well as in commercial projects and movie and theater productions since 1978.

Vintage Reproduction Windsor Home Hardware

Reading Hardware Company introduced a popular high-end house hardware pattern circa 1885, called Windsor. It is very attractive antique home hardware , and many items were made in the Windsor series hardware  . Almost every piece of vintage home hardware you can think of for a fine Victorian home was created in the line, including Windsor exterior door hardware , Windsor interior door hardware , shutter latches , hinges , window lifts , pocket door hardware and fancy Windsor doorknobs .

We present re-creations, lost wax cast from genuine windsor antique hardware  that have been collected over many years. Our Windsor home hardware items are all "high end" quality brass and workmanship. You'll be amazed at the weight and detail when you see your order in person. These lost wax castings are simply the best antique reproduction Victorian door hardware   and home hardware you can buy!

This Eastlake Windsor Pattern lever door bell is completely lost wax cast (same method as fine jewelry-making). This bell is mounted on the interior side of a door, and is then activated by a lever handle on the outside of the door. Standard finish is the hi-lo brass finish, or darker oil rubbed bronze finish is available. Standard Hi-Lo finish will blend with existing old hardware. The matching lever handle to activate this bell is sold separately, in case you may already have an original lever handle.

The Lost Wax cast brass Windsor pattern door push plate is popular. Even outside the Windsor suite, this could stand alone for its beauty & clarity of detail. This fine pattern was created by the Reading Hardware Co.  Whether for home or commercial use, it's a show-stopper. In our showroom, visitors always touch this Windsor door plate to feel its detail.

The Windsor pattern doorplate series is a wonderful addition to entry doors, whether they are single or double doors. For added security, select our Windsor deadbolt . Look for matching door hardware for entry doors, such as our exterior Windsor doorplate that holds a cylinder lock, and the interior Windsor doorplate with a turn bolt knob included. We also have a larger handle-only doorplate in the same design.

We reproduce the Windsor mortis lock which matches perfectly with all of our Windsor cylinder lock & doorknob combination doorplates, same beautifully detailed Windsor pattern on the face and strike plate .

Now for our Windsor hinges  , these strong quality brass hinges have the same detailed Windsor pattern and are a perfect complement to the door plates. Available in several different sizes, from cabinet size to 5 ½”x 5 ½” hinges for the heaviest doors.

Whether you are crafting new furniture or restoring old furniture, Windsor pattern handles and bin pulls look terrific. Try them on your built in kitchen and bathroom cabinets too. There are Windsor cupboard latches  and windsor cabinet knobs  for a divine finishing touch to your décor.

The Windsor pattern doorknobs are a wonderful touch to this series, bringing attention to even the smallest detail. If you prefer a french lever handle see our beautiful Windsor lever door handle .

Check out the entire Windsor hardware series at

Antique Reproduction Griffin Motif Doorplate

We made this wonderful antique hardware reproduction , mythological griffin or  dragon motif entrance doorplate ,
for keyed cylinder front entrance use. A rare find by Sargent , made just before
the turn of the century. 

The head of the griffin is the working thumb latch device. Ours is recreated
by the Lost Wax casting process (same method as fine-jewelry making) and is
enhanced with an antique brass finish.

This Antique reproduction doorplate is quality work, The griffin has beautifully detailed wings and his gaping mouth gives him personality. The design at the top of the reproduction is adorned with two intricate griffins in an almost guard like state.

Beautiful with Gothic, English Tudor, and Victorian decor, to name a few. This Antique Doorplate series would be the perfect addition, grand enough for a church or banquet hall, yet simple enough for your own home, not to mention a great conversation piece.